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Finally, after nearly five years of this original conception we have finally launched this project. Here’s three cheers to hoping it doesn’t fail twice. All jokes aside, this is a project that has been in the making for over a decade. With that said I will do my best to try and keep this as sincere and as short as possible. However, it is rather difficult to grasp over a decade of living in both heaven and hell with just a simple “about me” post. As anyone knows, ten years of living can bring a lot of weight from this crushing (yet beautiful) reality on to all of our shoulders. Heartbreaks, sickness, death, and loss will all eventually consume our dearly beloved and ourselves.

Pain chooses no alliance. With pain comes a burning desire to escape from the thronging woes of life’s misery. An escape that so many find by hopping on trains, planes, and automobiles in order to head towards some far away distance in hopes of finding peace. A distance that holds nothing more than a hopeful promise of joy and bliss. Yet, sometimes the best escape is just right around the corner from your home. In fact, it may be as close as your own head.

Growing up, and to this day, I found my own piece of “heaven”. All in this seemingly troubling world that seems further and further like hell. Never in my wildest dreams would I think this little slice of heaven hail from the likes of that run down KOC Hall from Lyndhurst that once stood or over by that fire house in Wayne. For god’s sake if the Archer Hall or Club Krome rings a bell? Then you definitely must be starting to get what I mean. For those who don’t know these landmarks were just another place similar to the likes of CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, or City Gardens. These were venues that housed a bunch of pissed off kids of all backgrounds, races, and identities that were lost in society’s standards. Society’s standards being the norms that constitute the way others are viewed or enforced to become so that we all live in this big old happy world free from deviance. Deviance of course, being any style of expression that is typically being seen as foreign or wrong to this unwritten law of American standards. It could be as simple as the way you dress or as complex as voicing one’s views on this problematic nation we all love dearly.

What is truly amazing is the fact that these places housed a subculture founded on music, art, and being able to say what you fucking wanted to say and be what you fucking were born to be. It was a haven to the few who went against societies norms and fought for what is morally right. Regardless of religion, politics, or racial divide put against the oppressed and out-casted. A place that has the ability to embrace free expression and personal difference with welcome arms. Of course there may be a punch to the face or two and a thrown voice. Still life goes on. Besides eye patches are not a bad look.

A haven that fostered those who had passion in their veins or needed a warm reminder to the heart of what it feels to be whole again. You may know them as punks, skins, mods, or whatever fucking variation of some popular notion of a name for “degenerate” there may be.

Whatever the damn name, or how ever it sounds, this was where people like you and I found peace and self-worth in. Whether you called it the “scene” or just “going to shows?” This was a community of foreign and domestic blood that saw each other as brothers, sisters, and most importantly, as equals. A community that fought against the popular notions of normality while accepting the wide range of diversity that this world proudly offers. Yes, we are not blind of the oppression or wronging that has been known to be an unfortunate by-product of this subculture that at times leaves a stain on a beautiful canvas. A product of waste if you must that has consumed a culture through capitalist and hierarchy ideology. All I can say is that we should always be vigilant of our humanity and moral reasoning for how we act in today’s age. The world is not inherently evil but does possess chaos that we must fight to control.

Still, this way of life of jumping off stages and blowing out my ears has given me a fresh taste of passion. This being a selfless and honest desire to bring forth a piece of what makes many others like myself truly happy. Only hoping that it rubs off towards many others who so desperately need hope in these trying times. This desire of mine being the music that is the “soundtrack of our lives” and the voice to the voiceless. With this being said I present and welcome you to HEAD WALK.

This web page is a platform designed in curating the local music scene.
Specifically targeted out of north eastern part of the United States. However, this does not necessarily eliminate or segregate from the rest of the world. However, this site is being generated out of North Jersey between two old friends with the intention of showing some kid about from the down the street all the way to someone from the Philippines just how righteous a band like Old Wounds or Jesus Piece can be. We support the locals. The underdogs who just want a place to play.

Furthermore, this web page will only be possible by YOU, the members that make up this collective community. Paul and I can only be at so many shows or have enough time to do everything. Have you heard of some deserving music? Taped a live set from a show? Wrote up an interesting article or interviewed a band that may resonate strongly with the scene?

Drop us a line. Now, we may not be able to pay you or host all submitted work but we will give you credit as well as a platform to showcase your art. Understand this: we will not accept any work without permission from the originator. Should anything be posted that you feel has not been given permission from the right authority? Let us know.

Most importantly this project was not conceived to make any profitable investment. All we have are two mid 20 something year olds adults with college debt and some bar tabs. Any profitable gains due to clothing, zine sales, or events will be for the sake of helping those in need or for paying this websites dues.

I’m sure I’ve said enough and do not want this to be too lengthy. All I want out of this is very simple. A project intended to present the honest and real manner of our lifestyle. The music. The bands. The fans and everything that encompasses this subculture. All while having an open and inclusive collaboration from those who live it. Long story short, I’ll see you all at the show.

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