Angel Dust Premiers New Track ICYMI

Explaining some bands to those who have no idea what it “is” we love to do in the hardcore community can be a stretch of understanding for some. Especially when you’re telling them that those groovy crowd tripping tracks they just heard? Yeah they were from a band called Angel Du$t. That money symbol was intended and real. Just like the latest track these Baltimore natives just dropped. Keep rocking the fuck on Angel Du$t!

Pre-orders are most definitely up for Rock the Fuck On Forever over at Pop Wig:

For those who don’t know this band is a direct result of front man Justice Tripp (TUI) & Daniel Fang (Turnstile/Mindset). Check these guys out on tour this summer:


Old Wounds Interview

Huge shout out to Anthony Vitale for this. For those who are not aware this guy has been putting in heart and soul for music for quite some time now. Anthony has been presenting us with solid interviews with many great acts that roll through the better part of the tri state. Be on the lookout from this guy because these interviews might put you on to some righteous bands or inform you more about the ones you already love and know.

Until then check this solid interview out with Asbury Park’s Old Wounds

For those who don’t know about Old Wounds, this is a New Jersey based metallic hardcore unit that goes against the struggles of this world with their raw impacting music. Their latest record “The Suffering Spirit” is a perfect album to get into this band. Pick that record up and don’t forget to check them all summer long on this year’s Warp Tour.

Good Fight Music: