War Story – Down & Out – *New Track

War Story have released a brand new track titled Down & Out. We were able to grab a few words from Zak, who is the front man of this colossal and blistering band about their latest track:

“I was really at a down point in my life for a while, just the thought of everything I’ve been through was really taking a toll on me. I thought about all the struggles that my family and myself had in life with drugs, prison, gangs, violence, poverty…etc. But one day I stopped and actually thought about how hard most people in this world have it. There are so many people that are down and out that need that motivation, that strength. This song is an anthem to lift those people up and give them the motivation to push forward.”

Definitely be on the lookout for these guys. They might have been dormant but a big beast needs sleep. Check the song below and keep up to date with them by checking these links: