The Breakout Tour Announced

Our good friends over in The Blessing of this Curse will hitting the road this July in support of their latest EP titled “Emergence” that came out this summer. They will be in support for The Machinist and Gladiators as they travel up and down the East Coast dropping some viciously raw riffs on unsuspecting ears. Underdogs least to say, but the potential is clearly evident within all of these acts. Talented musicians with the ability construct and perform detailed pieces that can easily please the ear. Not to mention it may cause you to bang your head or rip a throat out.

If you were looking to stumble upon a new band? Then fuck you, we found three for your listening pleasure. New York City’s own, The Machinist, is currently working on dropping a new EP this month and have pre-orders up on their big cartel. Kanye has enough money so drop the few bucks on these sweethearts. You’ll just waste those five bucks on cheap beer or junk food anyway so make the initiative to better your life. While you’re at it? Pick up the Emergence EP from TBOTC over here because we said so. Besides you’ll be glad you did.

Furthermore, don’t forget to catch all of these bands at 717 Fest with Pennsylvania’s own, Gladiators. Definitely one hell of a coming home party for these bands and great place for one to discover new music.

Until then check out their latest music and get familiar with the pit. Get it.

Lowered A.D. at the Meatlocker 6/23

Last Thursday was seriously a treat at the Meatlocker. If you like enjoy hard hitting riffs and even harder breakdowns, then this was the show for you. But if you missed it, check out Lowered A.D. out online, and I guarantee you’ll be there next time around. But in the meantime, enjoy these awesome photos from Eddie Trefurt!




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Breaking Wheel

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Lowered AD

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Old Wounds / Cruel Hand Basement Show

Hot, sweaty, and fun as fuck. So hot it made our lenses fog. Old Wounds and Cruel Hand tore that basement apart out in New Brunswick, NJ. There’s seriously nothing like a good old fashioned basement show, and both these bands proved that once again. No worries though! if you missed this wonderful time, check them both out on Warped Tour this summer.

Photos by Paul Buczkowski

Old Wounds

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Cruel Hand

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Weatherlore Release New Album

At first glance, the cover art intrigued me. It was dark and gloomy. I had no idea what I was about to hear so I clicked play on the first song, ‘Witnessing the Bottom’ and BOOM!! Chaos entered my ears and I was fucking psyched to hear where this was going. I was instantly sucked in by its crazy and chaotic feel. If you like noisecore, powerviolence and screamo, this will definitely fulfill your cravings. Blast beats flying on the drums, shredding guitars and bass, with shrieking vocals, a few powerful growls and short wicked songs. This is definitely a must have. I give it two big fucking thumbs up!!

Chree Conger

Montclair Animal Shelter Benefit Show at the Meatlocker 5/17

Although original plans fell through, the show must go on. And it did. Thanks for everyone who came out to The Meatlocker for the Montclair Animal Shelter Benefit show! A rescheduled event featuring Suburban Scum, The Banner, and Swamps will happen sometime soon so keep your ears open. It will happen.

Photos by Paul Buczkowski




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Back to School Jam ’16 Announcement

No more pencils! No more books! No more teachers dirty look! Yes, school is out and summer is upon us. However, everyone knows that dreaded thought of returning to school all too well. Summer is always fleeting. Sooner than later the good times and fresh warm air will dissipate and leave no trace behind. Leaves will fall while the air becomes more crisp and chilling. Still there is some good news about the dreaded nigh.

This, my friends, is Back to School Jam 2016 hosted by Gregory Falchetto & Gamechanger World.

As of now the flyer below is the first announcement. Boy is it a blowout of solid acts. Stand by for more information as the summer slowly comes to an end. Until then check out the links below to get more familiar with any of the bands playing this gig and be sure to cop tickets as soon as they go up. This will sell out.

*Artwork courtesy of Chad Lawson

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Jesus Piece “Summer 16 Promo” Review

When I think about Philadelphia I think of two things, Dinic’s (which is better than any cheese steak you’ll ever eat) and an amazing local music scene. I also think about my hatred for every sports team they have to offer, but for the sake of the readers, I won’t get into that. What I will get into is a local band from Philly on a warpath across the country, Jesus Piece. When you hear the name Jesus Piece, you either know exactly what you’re in for, or you question what you’re about to hear. Let me give you a little street lesson:

“Jesus Piece” meaning: the signature firearm in a gangbanger's collection of firearms. Typically, the Jesus Piece is a high caliber handgun adorned with engraving, encrusted jewels or other decorations.

Now that I have your attention, let me be straightforward, these guys aren’t fucking around. We live in a world of corruption, and Jesus Piece is well aware of that, it’s what drives them to make their music, and it’s sad to say, but we can all relate to it, and it’s a good thing. We need an output, it’s why we’re in this scene, to let out aggression, and Jesus Piece’s “Summer 16 Promo” is the fuel to a fire we all have burning inside of us.

The tape is a 6-minute violent onslaught of sound and feeling. Riff after riff. Break after break. The only time this tape lets up is during a minute-long interlude, and it’s much needed, because if you’re neck isn’t hurting from banging your head, you must be listening to the wrong album.

The lyric content from vocalist Aaron Heard hits just as hard as the instruments, or better yet, a hammer to your face. “Slam the gavel, pass the sentence. Beg and plead, for repentance. Hope that pain is all you feel. While you beg for mercy behind the steel.” As stated before, corruption is all around us, this is what Jesus Piece strives on, and it pisses us off, and it should.

-Anthony Medves


Collaborations can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding tasks that any musician could possibly ever face. It can either go down the drain, or hit chart topping success throughout the nation. When it comes down to rating how well a collaboration may or may not be is almost entirely on the chemistry and relationship of those working together. Just being in a band itself presents a plentitude of arguments, distractions, and disagreements. However, every once in a while something truly awe inspiring happens. Fortunately, this “once in a while” just presented itself.

For those who are unfamiliar with Trade Wind may find themselves more knowledgeable with the members of this band and especially so with their other projects. Trade Wind is fronted by none other than Jesse Barnett of Stick to Your Guns and lead guitarist Tom Williams of Stray from the Path. Yes, this may be a seemingly odd outcome due to their inherent talent of producing some of the most influential music in hardcore and metal. Still, with Jesse’s song writing ability and Tom’s incredible knack to play a guitar? Well, you are left with something your ears have longed to hear but just didn’t know it. To this day I hold these guys as one of the greatest acts to grace hardcore from my generation and it seems as if they are ready to make this known through another genre.

In other words, Trade Wind is what happens when you take two impressively skilled musicians from the West Coast and the East Coast and have them make a record.

For those who still yet to listen to their music? We highly recommend listening to their debut EP titled “Suffer Just to Believe” off of Other People Records. An album that is simple by nature but rich in vibrant complexities that truly shine a new light in what it means to sound heavy. The best part? Trade Wind plays flawlessly in terms of sound and in regards to a crowed muddy room on the East Village of New York City. Paul, Eddie, and I were beyond stoked to see this band live in action last year when they toured on their EP at Webster Hall. Not going to waste time telling you how great the performance was when you can clearly find out for yourself. Oh yeah, these guys are hitting the road this summer with several stops up here in the North East. Check it.

Short sweet and to the point is that Trade Wind will be dropping their debut full length “You Make Everything Disappear” ( on July 15 th at the Studio of Webster Hall. This is the second date of a full U.S. tour that they will be going on in support of their latest release. Until then here is a little treat of the new music with the song “I Hope I Don’t Wake Up to Die”.