Jesus Piece “Summer 16 Promo” Review

When I think about Philadelphia I think of two things, Dinic’s (which is better than any cheese steak you’ll ever eat) and an amazing local music scene. I also think about my hatred for every sports team they have to offer, but for the sake of the readers, I won’t get into that. What I will get into is a local band from Philly on a warpath across the country, Jesus Piece. When you hear the name Jesus Piece, you either know exactly what you’re in for, or you question what you’re about to hear. Let me give you a little street lesson:

“Jesus Piece” meaning: the signature firearm in a gangbanger's collection of firearms. Typically, the Jesus Piece is a high caliber handgun adorned with engraving, encrusted jewels or other decorations.

Now that I have your attention, let me be straightforward, these guys aren’t fucking around. We live in a world of corruption, and Jesus Piece is well aware of that, it’s what drives them to make their music, and it’s sad to say, but we can all relate to it, and it’s a good thing. We need an output, it’s why we’re in this scene, to let out aggression, and Jesus Piece’s “Summer 16 Promo” is the fuel to a fire we all have burning inside of us.

The tape is a 6-minute violent onslaught of sound and feeling. Riff after riff. Break after break. The only time this tape lets up is during a minute-long interlude, and it’s much needed, because if you’re neck isn’t hurting from banging your head, you must be listening to the wrong album.

The lyric content from vocalist Aaron Heard hits just as hard as the instruments, or better yet, a hammer to your face. “Slam the gavel, pass the sentence. Beg and plead, for repentance. Hope that pain is all you feel. While you beg for mercy behind the steel.” As stated before, corruption is all around us, this is what Jesus Piece strives on, and it pisses us off, and it should.

-Anthony Medves

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