Montclair Animal Shelter Benefit Show 7/30

One of the most crucial yet under looked elements of a prospering community is based heavily on its capability to react under trying circumstances. Circumstances that test the will of humanity and know no measure of suffering. Regardless of how hard life hits us it is important to understand that no matter how difficult the situation has become you must work towards finding a solution. The community is there to rally behind one of its own in order to accomplish the uncertain. However, as much as we like to hide our fears with loosely laced veils we cannot control everything that happens within our lives. Especially the bad ones.

Life is an unmeasured force that we can only do at best is to present it as controlled chaos. One of the most recent events within our one of our own communities in New Jersey happened just a few months ago over in the town of Montclair with the burning of its animal shelter. If you are familiar with the North Jersey music scene, then you will understand just why those who frequent “New Jersey’s premier music venue”, the Meatlocker, played such a pivotal role with helping.

If there is any value that has been instilled with the hardcore community, is the ability to care for those who need it most while providing an embracing sense of unity. We have our family’s back no matter what. Times get tough and we just get tougher. Hell, blood doesn’t even mean we have to share it. It just means we will always a phone call away to help. This value alone determines whether or not a community can survive when hell rings its bells. So what could a bunch of “degenerates” do in order to help out?

The idea was simple.

Get the bands, grab champagne, and kick out the jams. Suburban Scum specifically released their new record “Ultimate Annihilation” for this date along with support from veteran New Jersey hardcore outfit, the Banner. Not the mention the onslaught of new talent that only Threat 2 Society, Buried Dreams, or Dutchguts could deliver. Overall, the show was a steady climb of good times and community awareness. Money was donated to animal shelter to help with repairs, bills, and every god forsaken debt to society that a fire gives you. In sum, I believe the show helped rake in a bit over $1,200 dollars for the benefit.

Well, least to say from the pictures you’re about to see? It was a damn good time. Until the next one…


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Photos by Paul Buczkowski

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