Podcast 3: “Cam Siss is America’s Sweetheart”

In regards to North Jersey hardcore and where it stands? Wastelands is everything that embodies this scene and it’s long standing history of darkened hardcore. From crushing riffs that send you into the dwelling depths of hell and to the lyrical content that is reflective of the psychological woes of life, this band will stand the test of time. We are glad to have them on the show this week as we dive head first into this project with frontman Mike Wolfstein and guitarist Tito Valentine about various subject matters.

Wastelands have recently dropped a new full length release titled “Serpent’s Tongue” as a self release. This album was recorded over in Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey throughout the fall. Pick it up at one of their upcoming shows or download it off of bandcamp Bandcamp for less than ten bucks.

Listen, enjoy, and until next time…