First Announcements for Mosh for Paws ’16

Straight from the mouth itself, here are the latest announcements for Mosh for Paws ’16! This is going down in September so stay tuned and be sure to clear a date for this.

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Very excited to announce that STIGMATA will be taking the stage this September for the first time at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. I don’t remember the last time they played New Jersey, but once you hear that opening note to “Save Us,” there will be a party.

Love for pugs rescue from Middlesex, NJ will be the selected shelter that MFP will be donating to this year. Information on how you can adopt from a local foster will be provided at the event. You’ll also be meeting available adoptable pugs at the event as well, between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. Last year, MFP had the New Jersey boxer rescue and it went so well that, AJ the boxer, was adopted out shortly after MFP 2015.

Meatlocker Photos 5/24

The Meatlocker was quite packed last night for a Tuesday, but when the boys in Full of Hell showing up, its no wonder why. A refreshing change from the more recent shows we’ve been to due to the inherent fact that this wasn’t a hardcore show. It was the mind melting shredding aggression that we all love to see in a metal and grind show. Full of Hell were supported Die Choking, Organ Dealer, Dutchguts, Inertia, Sunrot, & Toxicology. As local as most the bands were, the talent was on fucking point. If you wanted it fast, aggressive, and intense, than you should’ve been there. Regardless check out the shots we were able to get for your viewing pleasure. These bands are the reason why you go to eleven. Check it..

Organ Dealer

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Photos by Eddie Trefurt

Photos by Paul Buczkowski

Die Choking

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Photos by Eddie Trefurt

Photos by Paul Buczkowski

Full of Hell

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Photos by Eddie Trefurt

Photos by Paul Buczkowski


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Photos by Paul Buczkowski

Ten Ton Hammer Stream Anticipated Album Online

Ten Ton Hammer are ferocious beast of a band that have been more than gracious to their fans by releasing an exclusive premiere of their forthcoming record entitled Always Empty 7”. This record is expected to be out on August 6th off Harvcore Records during their performance at This Is Hardcore ’16. The same label that brought you bands like Agitator, Rock Bottom, and Wrong Answer.

In the most simplistic manner this record could be perceived as metal-core. This however, is not necessarily the case. Ten Ton Hammer hails from none other than the City of Brotherly Love that has been on the forefront of producing and hosting music across the board. Especially in regards to hardcore, metal, or anything to bang your head and swing across a room to. Fuck, TIHC is held in Philly so you know this city can put it on.

With the album itself? The riffs are ensuing and crushing to say the least. The rhythm flows in and out of consciousness like an untimely and impending sea state that hits heavier each time the bow gets rocked. Furthermore, these guys were able to fully mature and nick out the sound that they seemed to be heading towards. Perfect amount of fast aggression mixed with belligerent heaviness. Lyrics will make you pop a blood vessel screaming while the content is no holds barred. Overall this record fucking kicks man and pardon the “hype” I made. Regardless, support the scene and cop a record. They have some pretty cool options that you can check real quick here or at the bottom of the page.

All the 7” are six dollars and include a digital download. It can be bought in violet (200), frost (100), random mix (100), or splatter (100). If you’re a record freak, then you can get them all for $22 bucks. Digital downloads are only $3.50.

Still, check these guys out this summer and especially be on the lookout for them at TIHC ’16. Picking up a record only supports bands making bigger and better music for the scene. This record alone is enough to satisfy anyone trying to listen to a heavy banger that is both raw and detailed.

Bump it.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You at The Anchor 5/19

We headed up to Kingston, NY as soon as we found out Jersey’s The Number Twelve Looks Like You were playing a show at The Anchor! Paul ended up taking some sweet photos! Check them out!

Suburban Scum Drops New Record “Ultimate Annihilation”

The day of reckoning has finally befallen us my friends. New Jersey’s very own Suburban Scum have debuted their newest album “Ultimate Annihilation” today on FLATSPOT RECORDS

We are going to leave the hype at the door with this one. This record is a concise depiction of what New Jersey hardcore represents. Pick it up over at their website or stream it over on New Noise Magazione

Don’t forget to catch them on June 17th at the Meatlocker with special guests The Banner, Swamps, & Dutchguts. This is a benefit show for the Montclair Animal Shelter that had a fire this year. Mosh for Paws will be hosting this event to help raise money and awareness for non-kill animal shelters!

New Jersey Hardcore always on top.

Highlands VFW 5/6 Photos by Trevor Novatin Visuals

Photo set courtesy of Trevor Novatin. Check out all of his work on his Flickr!

Be on the lookout for more sets from Trevor, as he has been quite dedicated to capturing some solid shots throughout the scene. TN Visuals would like to thank everyone in the tri-state hardcore scene and for all the bands for letting him shoot their sets. Check it:



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Grimus Drops New Record

Grimus have released their long awaited and final effort of an album today on the dreary yet fitting Black Friday. This is a five track album with nail biting riffing and ear piercing drumming that has been titled as “Anthem of Gehenna” that has been released off their bandcamp. It is a name your price digital download. Try and at least toss them five bucks for the record. Well, here is what the band has to say about all of this:

“Today, on this unluckiest of days, we present to you "Anthems of Gehenna"! For this EP we decided to return to Frightbox Studios, where we tracked our very first EP ("Progress…"), appropriately bringing this band full-circle. We have been sitting on this material for a few years now and we are happy to finally have it out for everyone to hear. We are proud of how it all turned out. Thank you to all of our friends that have stuck around with us since beginning and anyone we have met as a result of this band. Stay pissed! This is our final breath…

Download it, spread it, enjoy!”

Now that you’ve read it? It’s time to hear it.

Meatlocker 5/12 Photos by Eddie Trefurt

We would like to welcome Eddie Trefurt to the HEAD WALK team as a contributing photographer & videographer. Eddie has been a longtime contributor, photographer, and member of the scene for quite some time. We were able to grab some pictures he took at the Meatlocker last night for the website. Be sure to check out more of his work on Flickr and Instagram.

Gillian Carter

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Weather Lore

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Forever Losing Sleep

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Mosh For Paws Announce Shows at Mexicali Live

Hardcore can present a plentitude of unnecessary problems. Generally, it’s just a matter of whose putting up the touring band for the night or if someone can borrow a head at a show. Still, the most prevalent of all these problems is almost always…

“Where the fuck can we play? Yes, besides the Meat-locker.”

All jokes aside, the Meat-locker will always have a special piece of my heart. The piece that’s covered in graffiti and piss stained band stickers with Myspace tags still on it.

Fortunately, the mastermind and creator of Mosh for Paws, Kevin Oakley, has found a recent solution to this common problem. For those who don’t know, Mosh for Paws has been an important and integral part of the North Jersey music scene over the years by hosting hundreds of shows in the greater New York City area. The best part about all of the good stuff this guy has coming in and out of Jersey? It’s all going towards a good cause, because this is a non-profit organization that’s set out to help not kill shelters.

With this being said, Mexicali Live has been gracious enough to open their doors for some heavier shows at their venue. Mexicali has been a long standing music venue and restaurant that has housed national and local acts over the last few decades. Side note: the food is on point and the bartenders know what they’re doing.

Well long story short, Mosh for Paws and Mexicali Live will be hosting one hell of a show on July 7th at their long standing Teaneck venue. The show is only 10 dollars for pre-sale and just two bucks more at the door. Benchpress will be headlining this gig. They killed it on that tour a while back when Desolated came across the pond to play a string of shows. Expect nothing less from these guys. Check the following flyer out below for more information:

Impact | Hangman | Wastelands | MVA

Let’s have a good time and not ruin anything by getting out of line. Mexicali Live wants to help be a part of this scene by continuing to open its doors for us to have fun. In fact, this is where Mosh for Paws 2016 will be held. Remember to save the date for September 23rd because you will not want to miss it. Information and details on the acts playing Mosh for Paws ’16 will be forthcoming, so stand by.

Last but not least don’t forget to tip your bartender.

War Story – Down & Out – *New Track

War Story have released a brand new track titled Down & Out. We were able to grab a few words from Zak, who is the front man of this colossal and blistering band about their latest track:

“I was really at a down point in my life for a while, just the thought of everything I’ve been through was really taking a toll on me. I thought about all the struggles that my family and myself had in life with drugs, prison, gangs, violence, poverty…etc. But one day I stopped and actually thought about how hard most people in this world have it. There are so many people that are down and out that need that motivation, that strength. This song is an anthem to lift those people up and give them the motivation to push forward.”

Definitely be on the lookout for these guys. They might have been dormant but a big beast needs sleep. Check the song below and keep up to date with them by checking these links: