Scary Stories Premiere “White Plague”

Scary Stories is a chaotic behemoth of distorted proportions hailing from none other than the dark dismal abyss that is New Jersey. Although the name and this band may be unfamiliar to some, their impeccable taste for disorder and the commotion that defines this maelstrom of an act should be enough to grab your ears.

Rope is the highly anticipated second EP that is slated to be dropped on July 7th off of Black Numbers. As always, the ever formidable and talented Scot Moriarty was the madman behind the engineering of this lawless record of self-loathing and distaste over at Backroom Studios. Especially so is the track we are presenting to your godforsaken ears, White Plague.

One can easily obtain pre-orders here and for just five bucks? The hell are you waiting for kid? Otherwise, the record release show will surely be quite an interesting night because of the direct support from Ides, What of Us, Devoidov, and the newly formed Concussed. This gig will be going down on a Friday evening at seven o’clock sharp so do plan ahead for what will be a righteous time my friends.

“I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, I always try to choose my words wisely and let my actions speak for themselves. There’s no denying that the next four years will see us through some difficult times…some more than others. I’ll never truly understand what a lot of people endure on a daily basis. Blatant racism is a thing of the past, and unfortunately, the present as well. Fortunately, our local “scene” is more progressive.The world outside of the scene, however, is not.

This regression will be more out in the open, as certain supporters make proclamations in the name of the current “thing” at the helm of our country. I’m willing to bet we’re going to see a lot more bigoted flags being raised, which being unfortunate as it may, it also lets people’s true colors shine allowing us to individually thin out the herd – while also opening up a dialogue to those willing to have a reasonable conversation. Let the light shine in. There is no more “letting it slide” or “turning a blind eye.” There is no neutral. You can’t just get away with saying “I hate politics.” Everything is politics.This is coming from someone who has claimed not to write political lyrics. This is my way of speaking up in the only way I know how. There’s no more shelter in silence.”

– Paul Alan (frontman) on “Nature & Intent” from the lyrical standpoint of White Plague

All photography courtesy of Nicole Spangenburg Photography

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