Mosh for Paws Presents: Culture Killer’s Final Tour

Apparently, Kevin hasn’t thrown in the towel with booking righteous gigs over here in North Jersey because we have one hell of an announcement today, folks. Culture Killer, a violent act of anarchic proportions, are leaving their Floridian territories in search of violence and destruction one last time. You can thank Mosh for Paws for putting together this banger.

Yup, this is it my friends. The last time any of us will ever be graced by this lawless sense of musical disorder. It surely has been a minute since the boys in Culture Killer last made their way up north so do expect a rather tumultuous gathering of degeneracy.

Well, let’s keep this short and to the point…

Head over to Mexicali Live on July 19th to witness an onslaught of talent from the likes of Culture Killer, Phantom Pain, Refuge, and our family in On Sight. Tickets are only ten dollars if you get them the day before the show. If you want to beat the surcharges and fees, just swing by the venue to pick these tickets up. You’ve spent far more on much worse so don’t give us a fucking excuse as to why you couldn’t purchase them. If you’d rather buy tickets from home then head over to this link to cop these bad boys.

With that in mind, I would like to take a quick second to note that this will be one of the last Mexicali Live shows. What does this mean you ask?
For starters, it means that there will be a new face for music in North Jersey. A premiere venue curated, especially for hardcore, punk, and metal. As of September 12th of this year, the venue will be operating under the name Debonair Music Hall. This rebranding will be bringing bigger and better acts while disassociating itself from its former bluegrass and folk-based roots. In other words, more rock n’ roll and fewer hippies smelling the joint up.

Lastly, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Dylan and Hunter from Culture Killer about their decision to break up while discussing their forthcoming final record. Check it out below and be sure to save the date. See y’all at the rock show.

Interview Set

HEAD WALK: Gavel, your recent and seemingly last display of work, was a rather hard hitting demo. What went into the recording and engineering process of your most recent release? More importantly, would you care to explain the intention and meaning that this viciously hitting demo aims to present towards the listener? The message is rather clear but please do elaborate.

Hunter: The recording process was very simple and straightforward. I had some downtime with an engineer friend of ours and wanted to put out an “anthem” type track. It was just Ryan Harvey and myself banging out a track in a few hours. Ian, our former vocalist, contributed lyrics to the song as well. I originally put vocals on “Gavel” for demo purposes, but those takes are the same ones we released. Regarding the lyrical intention, it stands for exactly what it says. There’s no hidden meanings or exceptions.

“A.C.A.B, Calling all pigs in the P.D.”

Dylan: Culture Killer has never been a silent act. Lyrical displays of personal resentments against police brutality, inherent corruption within government, and an overall distaste of social and political factors seem to stem from your music. What is it right now within our society that needs to be resolved or at the very least, be brought to light?

I’ve got a huge problem with social dependency. People say they want a revolution but won’t make a move unless someone else makes one first. In a sense, Culture Killer was that first move. Like, “Okay you’re mad about something? Us too. Let’s fucking do something about it.”

By no means are we the first band to do it, but I’d like to think that we’ve left a print in the sand. At least for our generation.

HW: Why the decision to throw in the towel? Was it entirely due to an inability of maintaining a steady line up or in part of financial woes or the other reasons expressed in that facebook post? Do you feel that there will ever be a rebirth or is this all for the best?

Dylan: There’s a time and place for everything, and we feel like this is the time to pinch the flame for CK. It’s not that we don’t love the music we write, or what we do because we do. But on the other hand, it’s draining when you’re trying to have fun, while also having to constantly sort out unnecessary bullshit. Losing members was one thing, and don’t get us wrong, we pulled the plug on multiple people. But by no means are we ever going to beg for someone to be in, or stay in our band.

I’d say it’s for the best. It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

HW: Speaking of which, you expressed that you guys have been finalizing what looks to be your last release as a band? What can we the listener expect from Culture Killer’s swan song?

Dylan: Our final EP is by far the most violent thing we’ve put out to date. Listeners can expect a lot of bitter rage. The lyrics are pretty personal to me, as this album is OUR closure. This last album, lyrically, says everything that we needed too. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hunter: I really feel like I wrote “Throes of Mankind” for a much older audience because of the pressure of signing to Metal Blade. At the end of the day, I love the record BUT, I recognize where my head was at that time.

This last EP feels a lot more natural to me than “Throes.”

HW: Will anyone be chasing music after the split or is back to the nine to five?

Hunter: Dylan and I have another project, that has been in the works for the past year. It’s definitely something that we’re taking our time on.

I know Dylan Boyer (Oscar) is starting a couple projects as well.

HW: Any last words you’d like to say before we depart?

Exterminate Filth, Motherfuckers.

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