Review of Scary Stories’ Rope

Rope, a vicious six track record of hectic proportions, dropped on July 7th off of Black Numbers. The New Jersey hardcore based quartet Scary Stories have outdone themselves on this cut, my friends. Rope is an ungovernable force. It is an emotional delve of personal affliction. A reigning torment that only few could ever understand. I mean shit, it takes a whole different breed of character to listen and thoroughly enjoy a hardcore or metal record.

Well, let’s get down to business and talk shop about this furiously enraging 7″ that the boys in Scary Stories have proudly unleashed upon us.The lyrics within this abhorrent record are that of an abysmally dwelling consciousness focused on the negative repercussions of surviving in a postmodern society. Rope plays like a cruising behemoth that is hell bent on self-destruction. A borderline nihilistic outcry towards death’s cold grip and the implications surrounding this seemingly despairing existence. From the filthy bigotry of our nation (White Plague) to the endless amount of “witch hunts” within this society (More Weight), Rope is anything but quiet or typical.

At times, the record spins like a malicious fit of rage fueled by personal discontent towards implications arising from one’s decisions regarding any manner of existence. An existential crisis would be far too much of a cliche as the intent of Paul’s lyricism dives far into the deep end of our emotions. The place where heartache, pain, and despair lay dormant. A place colder and more crushing than the darkest depths of the farthest reaches of the deep blue sea. Then at parts, it becomes resentful yet yearning while expressing anger in a manner that excretes passion. Chaotic in nature, the intention of this record is a pairing of dwelling poetry and boisterous music structure. Coming from a fan with a sincere love for The Chariot and Converge, this latest bit of anarchic music is sure to satisfy such a taste.

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To sum this record up with a definitive statement, I would say that this second release by Scary Stories is a lawless rampage fueled by an innate distaste of our society and the contradictory standard it holds. There are far too many underrated bands within our scene and it kills me to know that Scary Stories is but the best of many.

As said earlier, Black Numbers is responsible for putting this record out and physical copies can be bought at their Merch Connection page. For those that were fortunate to attend the record release show, there was a limited tie-dye colorway that was being sold so I’m a bit jealous least to say the least. From what we heard the show was a straight banger with support from Ides, What of Us, Devoidov, and Concussed fucking killing it at Backroom Studios. Speaking of which, what better place to christen this record than by where it was produced? Scot Moriarty, front-man of Organ Dealer, was the man behind the helm of this project. Once again, Scot provided a bang up job in bringing Rope to life. Not a lot of folks know what it takes to produce a great record let alone have the ability, drive, and talent to make it actually happen. When you find a great relationship with an engineer, it would be wise to continue such a connection because chemistry can be a mother fucker. Great to see such an outcome between artist and producer and I’m looking forward to what comes next between these two parties.

Anarchic in fashion while mutinous in nature towards conformity. Grab a copy, download it to your phone, or just give them some love. The scariest story you may have ever heard could just very well be your own life

Credits: Matthew Glodek

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