M4P Presents: Desolated’s Final U.S. Tour

It’s been quite a few years since Desolated last graced us with a U.S. run. If memory serves correct, it was back in 2014 when they headlined (the now defunct) Wild Bull over in Paterson, New Jersey with a slew of malicious talent both national and local. For those that weren’t there? A lawless response within the confines of a crowded room filled with both hate and harmony. Ignorance, or a better way of expressing it.

Thankfully, that’ll all change come this Wednesday at Mexicali Live. The U.K. heavyweights will be ripping it across America with Purgatory and Easy Money as supporting acts for what will be one massive swan song. Fuck, even the local talent on this tour package is going to be stacked high over here in the northeast. So, what’s in store for the Garden State you may be thinking? Well, we’re glad you asked because we have one hell of a bill to announce for y’all living under a fucking rock….

Mosh for Paws is proud to announce Desolated’s last New Jersey show in Teaneck, New Jersey. Right over here on the other side of the Hudson boys and gals so either hit the Port Authority or snooze because there is no NYC date. Jersey just does it justice sometimes. . Anyway, the event will be held on Wednesday, August 23rd over at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, New Jersey. The New Jersey date comes exclusive with famed support from Billy Club Sandwich and local power house unit and Staten Island’s own, Time Spent. Fuck, this is sure to be a hell of a banger.

For those continually out of the loop, this is North Jersey’s “new” and premier venue for punk, hardcore, and metal. Fucking hate to sum it up to such simplistics but this hall is housing some serious acts in the soon to be “near future.” Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that Mexicali will be rebranded as of September 12th by the name of Debonair Music Hall. We’ll get you more information on that at a later date and with a more appropriate article.

For now, let’s take a second to lay the spread. Tickets are only $12 if you purchase them prior to the day of the show. These can be bought at their box office or online (beat the surcharges, bring the cash baby). Otherwise, it’s $15 at the door and you just lost out on an extra PBR or Sprite you could’ve downed . Remember, this is an all ages venue so do keep in mind one might want to have proper ID and be above the age of 21 if intentions are to drink. Watch where you swing that fist, treat the venue like it’s your home, and lastly, don’t forget to tip your bartender.

In the meantime, be sure to check the interview below that was conducted by Matt with Rich from Desolated. See everyone at doors.

Interview Set

HEAD WALK: Been a minute since your last trip overseas. Especially in regards to that wild show over at the now defunct Wild Bull back in 2014. How has everything been since then?

Rich: That show was crazy, man. One of my favorite shows I’ve ever played, to be honest, I miss that level of ignorance. Everything has been good, we did a few more tours after that and released a record. Can’t believe it was that long ago though time fully flies.

HW: What went into booking this tour? Why the decision of putting Purgatory and Easy Money on this nationwide bill?

R: To be honest I can’t make it sound more impressive than it was, Travis Porter hit me up and we had some time before we stopped playing shows so we just jumped on it. As for Easy Money and Purgatory, we just wanted to play with hardcore bands and especially ones that have some momentum, so when we got asked about them we were pretty excited.

HW: After nearly a decade of writing, touring, and influencing drones of bands with your relentless style of deafening reckoning, why the decision to call it quits? With that, what will become of everyone involved with this project?

R: I think, it’s hard when you’ve been playing non-stop for the past five years and to continue at that pace. We all have like very big things going on with our own lives and personally, I’ve always never liked the idea of slowing down and fading out so we decided to just stop for the time being.

We’re not sure if we’re going to play again at the moment but if we do, we want to make sure we come back with the same momentum. To continue it properly rather than playing a load of half assed shows a year. Another reason is when you play as many shows in Europe as we did, it gets to a point where you feel like kids just need a bit of a breather.

As for other projects, I think Paul will do something and Jake has War Machine but as for me and Drew, we’re kind of just going see how it goes.

HW: Any other bands these days that seem to catch your attention or believe we should check out?

R: Malevolence always catch my attention and they are blowing up. I saw that Guilt Trip band for the first time the other week and they were pretty rad as well

HW: Last words & plugs?

R: Come hang out one last time state side and chill with us because it’ll be good to see some friends. Definitely, check out the Malevolence record; best metal record since Ashes of the Wake.

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