Expire’s Last NJ Show

Last night was a much needed escape. The stresses and headaches from our day to day lives can take quite the toll on the body and mind. School, work, family, and personal issues are nearly endless within our environment that it becomes necessary from time to time to back away in order to clear the chaos.

Hell, what better way than to get a bunch of the homies together in a dim lit basement and beat the living shit out of each other to some of the best hardcore music going around these days?

For those that missed out on witnessing what was perhaps one of the wildest shows to ever go down at the locker? Well, I feel fucking sorry you had better things to partake in. Seriously, I can not stress enough on the amount of talent this line up housed. From the opening acts of Threat 2 Society and Phantom Pain to the touring support of Cross Me and Homewrecker, this was one to remember for New Jersey Hardcore.

Two things to keep in mind about last night’s show. First, is that Threat 2 Society has shot some of the final pieces for their latest music video. More information will be released as soon as we have word and permission from the band. Second, there’s a new band in town ladies and gentlemen. Phantom Pain is the newest and most pissed off addition to the hardcore scene in recent times. Definitely hop on that wave.

Well, if there is anything that should be said about Expire it is this..

Thank you for providing what was one of the most unique and menacing sounds to ever grace hardcore. From the time Pendulum Swings first claimed reckoning upon my ear drums I knew there would be something special about all of this. The messages related to self worth and the woes of humanity from your music has been relatable to many of your fans.

All to the point that when you ever you’d play, a choir consisting of hundreds of screaming kids would be shouting your lyrics alongside you. All as if something truly real resonating within them or that for once, someone understood their pain. Everyone here in the New Jersey hardcore scene thanks you for all the work that you’ve put in and for all the times you came by and partied with us. We hope that you all find it within yourselves to continue making music through other endeavors down the road.

Until then, fair winds and traveling seas…

All rights and ownership of these photos are property of Eddie Trefurt.

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