HeadWalk Podcast #2: “ The Price Is Right”

Welcome to today’s weekly HeadWalk podcast guys and gals. We have one hell of a show for you this week as Chris from Threat 2 Society joins us for some hard hitting discussions. This show aims to target more and more upon heavily debated topics and engage within subject matters that few like to converse about.

Threat 2 Society itself is a political entity that focuses its beliefs through its hard hitting and adrenaline fueled music. The members of this band are composed of acts that once frequented the hardcore scene with a relentless attitude and have decided to pursue something more refreshing. This band is everything that is lacking both mentally and musically in terms of elements that make up the hardcore genre.

They are not quite. They are incredibly loud. They are upset and they are quite ready to tear the veil that shrouds our existence from your face. .

From Hell Fest to the current political climate, this episode has everything. Hope you enjoy it and continue dropping comments to our email with any questions, concerns, and all that’s in between.

Threat 2 Society – War is Profit: https://threat2society.bandcamp.com
Wastelands – Plummet ft. Joey Southside from the Banner: https://wastelandsnjhc.bandcamp.com
Jesus Piece – Left to Drown: https://jesuspiecehc.bandcamp.com
Dusters – Derby Day’s: https://getdusted.bandcamp.com
Easy Money – Menace II Society: https://easymoneyhc.bandcamp.com
Blistered – Path of the Coward: https://blistered.bandcamp.com
GDP – Orange Water: https://g6d6p6.bandcamp.com
Jukai – Tooth & Nail: https://jukai.bandcamp.com
Lifeless – Sinking: https://www.facebook.com/LifelessNLFTW/
Retch – Since My Dog Died: https://www.soundcloud.com/retch-2

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