Grimus Drops New Record

Grimus have released their long awaited and final effort of an album today on the dreary yet fitting Black Friday. This is a five track album with nail biting riffing and ear piercing drumming that has been titled as “Anthem of Gehenna” that has been released off their bandcamp. It is a name your price digital download. Try and at least toss them five bucks for the record. Well, here is what the band has to say about all of this:

“Today, on this unluckiest of days, we present to you "Anthems of Gehenna"! For this EP we decided to return to Frightbox Studios, where we tracked our very first EP ("Progress…"), appropriately bringing this band full-circle. We have been sitting on this material for a few years now and we are happy to finally have it out for everyone to hear. We are proud of how it all turned out. Thank you to all of our friends that have stuck around with us since beginning and anyone we have met as a result of this band. Stay pissed! This is our final breath…

Download it, spread it, enjoy!”

Now that you’ve read it? It’s time to hear it.

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