Behind the Lens: Eddie Trefurt Photography

Bias as this diminutive introduction may be or may not be, the first photographer we are pleased to present out of this series is most definitely a hell of an artist. From detailed images that present a sense of awe and horror to his impassioned live shots that depict the honest reality of hardcore shows, this kid has one hell of a trigger finger. Anyway, I am going to keep this short and towards its purpose; a presentation of solid images that resonate the true meaning of music, art, and the culture it engulfs.

My name is..

Eddie Trefurt. I’m from Little Falls (New Jersey), and I’ve been going to shows since I was about 14, I’d say. Absolutely loved the energy that was produced from going to shows and pretty much everything about the music scene really resonated with me. Every weekend, I’d be at a local show to see what the area or touring bands were all about. At the time, it was hard since not every show was all ages so I stuck with going to any venue I could get to at that age. Recently, I have decided to take a shot with shooting local music and have been hooked ever since. Captioning that emotion from a fan or that energy from a musician performing is what I want to show people. All in hopes that unfamiliar people can understand the scene a bit better.

Now at 26, I’ve combined my two passions of photography and live music on the basis of my artistic expression. From horror based shoots in abandon buildings to capturing beautiful scenic overlooks, this camera has shot just about anything that caught my eye. Speaking of which, currently, I am shooting with a Canon T5 alongside a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.

As of now, I work with HEAD WALK when it comes to live music photography. It’s been an awesome time covering what have been some truly unforgettable shows so do expect some bigger and better stuff! In fact, Mosh for Paws is one I’m really looking forward to covering and that’ll be going down this fall with Madball, The Banner, and the homies in Wastelands. Before that, I’ll be covering Warped Tour to shoot Hatebreed, Sick of it All, and Stick to Your Guns. 2017 will surely be a fun year so come out and get in frame!

The following shots are all owned & courtesy of Eddie Trefurt Photography. We present the following:
Expire at the Meatlocker (Montclair, 2017), Old Wounds at the Bomb Shelter (New Brunswick, 2016), New Found Glory at Warped Tour (Scranton, 2016), Life of Agony at Gramercy Theater (New York City, 2017), Cruel Hand at Warped Tour (Scranton, 2016), Wastelands at the Meatlocker (Montclair, 2016), Death Before Dishonor at the Blue Room (Secaucus, 2017), & Phantom Pain at the Meatlocker (Montclair, 2017).

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