Threat 2 Society Premier Music Video for “Merchants of Death”

Upon returning home from the military, Threat 2 Society was one of the first local acts that I have had the privilege of becoming both a fan and friend with. All possible bias opinions aside, Threat is a band that is quite underappreciated within hardcore as of late. This is an impressive act that centralizes its philosophies on life towards the social and political injustices that are inherent throughout our country. Instead of vocalizing individualistic concerns through their music, they yearn to help liberate their listeners perspectives from all the clout and misinformation that our society produces.

The featured song, Merchants of Death, is the very essence of claiming the title of being a “punk hardcore” band. It addresses varying concerns through our problematic society, as much of what we are told is both inherently used as oppressive gains by the elite and clouded by a veil of harrowing mystery. We are living in turbulent times and because of that, only specific groups within our overall population will ever see their rights fully upheld. This society has placed us within a specific social contact where one either has signatory rights or beneficiary privileges. Should neither of those be inherent within your life, than you’d be thrown to the wayside due to marginalized contentions.

If you haven’t already, check out T2$’s latest record, Ground Zero, over at their Bandcamp. Once, again thank you to the boys in Threat and be sure to catch them live this spring!. Until next time…

Interview with Frontman, Chris Russo

HW: This video is filled with symbolism and meaningful thought about our inherently corrupt society. Generally speaking, on the governmental level. Would you care to explain the nature of Threat’s first music video?

We decided to do a video for Merchants of Death, and I was trying to show a story of how shit really started to change after 9/11. Everyone is so quick to brush it under the rug, or believe the official story. That’s why in the video I am walking around observing people being in a state of slumber, so to say. I went to a bunch of places in the city to get shots including the stock exchange, Trump Tower, and the 1 World Trade Center. Then we had live footage, and incorporated war footage into the video. The song is about politicians and people in power starting wars based on lies. I wanted to show that no matter who is, or was going to get in office, the same tyranny was going to continue.

No matter if it was a republican or a democrat, there’s always going to be false flag attacks and fabrications to try and gain control, cause that is the endgame for these evil people that are responsible for all this chaos around the world.

At the end of the video I rip the blindfold off to represent an awakening to all the bullshit.

HW: What’s on the agenda for Threat this spring and summer?

CR: As far as the spring goes we have a few shows lined up. April 19th we are playing with Incited, Dismal Dream, Bruise, and Push. We have a short tour in the works for memorial day so as far as summer goes, we are looking to do a week or two either down to Florida or over to Texas.

Other than that, we have been writing. We will be incorporating a new song into our set list at our next few shows.

We take our time writing so nothing sounds forced, and we put out stuff that we think is good, so as far as any new recordings? Look for something mid-summer.

HW: Anything else before we let you go?

CR: Thanks as always!

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