Mosh For Paws Announce Shows at Mexicali Live

Hardcore can present a plentitude of unnecessary problems. Generally, it’s just a matter of whose putting up the touring band for the night or if someone can borrow a head at a show. Still, the most prevalent of all these problems is almost always…

“Where the fuck can we play? Yes, besides the Meat-locker.”

All jokes aside, the Meat-locker will always have a special piece of my heart. The piece that’s covered in graffiti and piss stained band stickers with Myspace tags still on it.

Fortunately, the mastermind and creator of Mosh for Paws, Kevin Oakley, has found a recent solution to this common problem. For those who don’t know, Mosh for Paws has been an important and integral part of the North Jersey music scene over the years by hosting hundreds of shows in the greater New York City area. The best part about all of the good stuff this guy has coming in and out of Jersey? It’s all going towards a good cause, because this is a non-profit organization that’s set out to help not kill shelters.

With this being said, Mexicali Live has been gracious enough to open their doors for some heavier shows at their venue. Mexicali has been a long standing music venue and restaurant that has housed national and local acts over the last few decades. Side note: the food is on point and the bartenders know what they’re doing.

Well long story short, Mosh for Paws and Mexicali Live will be hosting one hell of a show on July 7th at their long standing Teaneck venue. The show is only 10 dollars for pre-sale and just two bucks more at the door. Benchpress will be headlining this gig. They killed it on that tour a while back when Desolated came across the pond to play a string of shows. Expect nothing less from these guys. Check the following flyer out below for more information:

Impact | Hangman | Wastelands | MVA

Let’s have a good time and not ruin anything by getting out of line. Mexicali Live wants to help be a part of this scene by continuing to open its doors for us to have fun. In fact, this is where Mosh for Paws 2016 will be held. Remember to save the date for September 23rd because you will not want to miss it. Information and details on the acts playing Mosh for Paws ’16 will be forthcoming, so stand by.

Last but not least don’t forget to tip your bartender.

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