Podcast 3: “Cam Siss is America’s Sweetheart”

In regards to North Jersey hardcore and where it stands? Wastelands is everything that embodies this scene and it’s long standing history of darkened hardcore. From crushing riffs that send you into the dwelling depths of hell and to the lyrical content that is reflective of the psychological woes of life, this band will stand the test of time. We are glad to have them on the show this week as we dive head first into this project with frontman Mike Wolfstein and guitarist Tito Valentine about various subject matters.

Wastelands have recently dropped a new full length release titled “Serpent’s Tongue” as a self release. This album was recorded over in Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey throughout the fall. Pick it up at one of their upcoming shows or download it off of bandcamp Bandcamp for less than ten bucks.

Listen, enjoy, and until next time…


HeadWalk Podcast #2: “ The Price Is Right”

Welcome to today’s weekly HeadWalk podcast guys and gals. We have one hell of a show for you this week as Chris from Threat 2 Society joins us for some hard hitting discussions. This show aims to target more and more upon heavily debated topics and engage within subject matters that few like to converse about.

Threat 2 Society itself is a political entity that focuses its beliefs through its hard hitting and adrenaline fueled music. The members of this band are composed of acts that once frequented the hardcore scene with a relentless attitude and have decided to pursue something more refreshing. This band is everything that is lacking both mentally and musically in terms of elements that make up the hardcore genre.

They are not quite. They are incredibly loud. They are upset and they are quite ready to tear the veil that shrouds our existence from your face. .

From Hell Fest to the current political climate, this episode has everything. Hope you enjoy it and continue dropping comments to our email with any questions, concerns, and all that’s in between.

Threat 2 Society – War is Profit: https://threat2society.bandcamp.com
Wastelands – Plummet ft. Joey Southside from the Banner: https://wastelandsnjhc.bandcamp.com
Jesus Piece – Left to Drown: https://jesuspiecehc.bandcamp.com
Dusters – Derby Day’s: https://getdusted.bandcamp.com
Easy Money – Menace II Society: https://easymoneyhc.bandcamp.com
Blistered – Path of the Coward: https://blistered.bandcamp.com
GDP – Orange Water: https://g6d6p6.bandcamp.com
Jukai – Tooth & Nail: https://jukai.bandcamp.com
Lifeless – Sinking: https://www.facebook.com/LifelessNLFTW/
Retch – Since My Dog Died: https://www.soundcloud.com/retch-2

Head Walk Podcast #1: “I Groom People’s Dogs You Wish You Could Groom”

Here it is folks, welcome to the first installment of the Head Walk podcast hosted by Matt Rochford and Brandon Vetere. Every week we will have a new guest from the scene and have them on to talk about the stuff that needs to be talked about. From tour stories to nightmares within a community, everything will be put out here in an honest and true reflection between the hosts and their guests.

This week we have Kevin Oakley from Mosh for Paws on to talk a bit about what it is he does with his non profit organization and what it’s like throwing shows over in New Jersey. Kevin has been doing too much for far too long right here where Head Walk was conceived so what better person to get the ball rolling with?

Don’t forget to check out the first playlist installment attached to this podcast as it features various up and coming acts throughout the North East music scene that we KNOW you will bite on to. Until the next one, bump it.

On Sight: (NJ) https://onsighthc.bandcamp.com/releases
96: (NJ) https://ninetysix.bandcamp.com
Cemeteries: (NJ) https://cemeteriesnj.bandcamp.com/releases
Incited: (FL) https://incited.bandcamp.com/album/death-has-forgotten-me
Mercy Blow: (PA) https://hardcorestilllives.bandcamp.com/track/mercy-blow-fodder
Mortality Rate: (Calgary) https://mortalityrate.bandcamp.com/album/sleep-deprivation
Stepping Stone: (Okanagen Valley) https://hardlossrecords.bandcamp.com/album/test-of-character-2
Threat 2 Society: (NJ) https://threat2society.bandcamp.com
Tourniquet: (NJ) https://bandcamp.com/search?q=tourniquet


Insanely proud of these guys. If you’ve been looking for new music then I suggest you hop on this. It’s everything you’d want to hear off a hardcore record while still presenting an authentic style of novelty that most bands fail to create.

The dark undertones and unearthly tamber sets the overall feel of this 9 track banger. Pulsating rhythm structure, enticing melodic signatures, and a ferociously disdained attitude is what you’d come to find off of Serpents Tongue.

From gloomy bass lines that foreshadow chaos to blaring guitar chords that are meant to scream along to. Serpent’s Tongue is a long due record of talent, professionalism, and hard work that should be played at high volumes.

Scot from Organ Dealer recorded this record over at Backroom Studios this past summer. Same place that has produced records for the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and even the Number 12 Looks Like You. Definitely recommend this shop as will this record being a perfect example.
Recommend that this album be played start to finish. Head over to their bandcamp to stream Serpent’s Tongue for free. Keep in mind though that donating money for music means these guys can cram into a van and spew carnage to a town near you. Once again boys, cheers on the new record.

– Matthew Rochford

Rochford: How was the writing process (musically & lyrically) for Serpent’s Tongue compared to Wastelands earlier releases?

Mike: First things first, although this record is not long, it is a culmination of a little over a year’s work. We’ve been working on this project since before we released our last one (2015’s Mausoleum Door). The biggest difference is that nothing was rushed this time around.
Over the past year everyone in this band has gone through some crazy personal stuff and it definitely shows in the writing. We finally feel we’ve developed a sound all our own. Us as a band all have an understanding with each other on what this band is supposed to sound like.

R: For those who aren’t familiar with the music scene over in North Jersey, what would you say it’s like now versus then? With that, how would you explain to someone what seeing a Wastelands show is like?

M: Seeing a Wastelands set a year ago is completely different than right now. A year ago we were just sloppy. Now a days we are a lot tighter and have solidified our set for the most part with a few songs that alternate. Shows seem to be getting a bit better nowadays in Jersey. For a while people wouldn’t show up unless it was a big bill.

R: What are the future plans for Wastelands?

M: We’re already writing the next release and are also working on a bunch of random covers for fun. Wastelands plans on getting on the road by this coming January but who knows with scheduling. We are all working class dudes so it’s hard to do this and live life but we make it work. Definitely will be playing up and down the East Coast for now. Until then we will probably drop a few singles and splits between now and the next album.

M: Any last words or use of freedom of speech you’d like to use?

M: We’ve heard through the grapevine that we come off a bit stand-offish as a band. I think we all just have this sort of resting bitch face (laughs). Feel free to come up to us at a show and introduce yourself. We are more than happy to take the time and kick it with you.

Definitely a big shout out to our boy Tyler Chatterton (ex Facility) for he is the unofficial 6th member of this band. If Cam, Tito, or Dante can’t make a show? Tyler fills in. Keep a look out for his new band with Cam called “Rose Blood.” I’ve been to a rehearsal and they rip!

Shout out to our homies in Hounds, The Banner, Dusters, Here 2 Stay, On Sight, Convulsant (featuring Dante on vocals), & Death Dream.

Shout outs the our t3 & G.S.U. family as well.

We are excited for the future of this band and plan to be here for years to come.

Wastelands consist of Cam (Bass), Joe (Drums), Dante (Guitar), Tito (Guitar), & Mike (Vocals). Serpent’s Tongue was released independently so catch these boys live or download it off their Bandcamp if you want to grab the record.

The Acacia Strain Interview

Clearly the title leaves little to no introduction for those who frequent the metal and hardcore section of a record store these days. Vincent Bennett is the vocalist and last remaining member of Massachusetts deathcore act that is The Acacia Strain. During the recent time of this interview however, Vince was on tour doing vocals for his more traditionally sounding hardcore unit, Cockpunch! Discussion of personal interests, opinions on specific matters related to the scene, and even ambiguous talk of a new record that was recently recorded this past summer can be heard below.

Thanks again to the ever awesome Anthony Vitale for doing what he does best and helping keep the scene alive. Check out his YouTube page and be on the lookout for more to come.

Until then, enjoy!

Mosh For Paws 2016 Recap

For those who have never heard of Mosh for Paws, it is a non profit and charitable organization that deals primarily with supporting non kill shelters. Not to mention, this organization deals largely with promoting proper ethics towards animals while avidly protesting inherent forms of animal cruelty within our community.

This righteous project is led wholeheartedly by Kevin Oakley out of Bloomfield, New Jersey and has been doing a bang up job with it since 2011. It all started with a passionate urge to help those in need when the Washington Township animal shelter was delivered a serious financial blow that left them threatened to close up shop. What better way to raise some cash than getting a group of kids to scream into a microphone and giving F5’s to your friends. What’s a broken fucking table or chair when it means it helps the life of another living being? Still, that initial call to help would soon send forward half a decade of relentless work dedicated to not only our furry little homies, but to the scene. To this day I’ve no idea what the hell a “scene” really means to most people. However, to Mosh for Paws it meant a community that acted like a family and were there at the call of a whistle to meet up.

Mosh 4 Paws festival realized it was going to need one hell of a place to hold this years line up. With that being said, Mexicali Live (located over in Teaneck, N.J.) was more than welcoming with hosting this years show and it honestly couldn’t of been a better fit. Especially with the solid stage production that was managed by Pete August to reassure the sound was nothing less than perfect. Not to mention a huge shout out to the staff at Mexicali for being on the grind all day and night. Without them, this show wouldn’t have happened at all.

When it comes down to it, this show was fucking wild. It showcased some of the most unknown and popular acts in hardcore and metal with a room filled with friends both old and new.

Line Up

Threat 2 Society (New Jersey Hardcore) claimed the room quickly as the first act with their blistering sound of aggression and intensity. Nothing more refreshing than music that is motivated by the inherent corruption of our society and the overall distaste of our politics. They just dropped a new track called “Pay the Price” and is everything I wish I could put to words here. Bump it.

Jukai (Long Island Hardcore) has already made considerable ground as a formidable rise of talent over the past few months. They dropped their latest EP “Devoid of Hope” this year and its obvious after listening to that banger why the guys in Blistered decided to have them along on tour this past summer. Catch them in Long Island at A.M.H. for the Backup Plan reunion on the second of October if this peeks any interest.

Laid 2 Rest (Connecticut Hardcore) are brining back a sound of fury that once made blood pour from the faces of those who once frequented at VFW halls in the mid 2000’s. Influenced by bands such as Shattered Realm or CDC, they continue to pay respect their genre while adding a bolstering style of originality for the current era. Beat-down at its finest. Keep your ears pressed for these guys in the coming months.

Jagged Visions (Connecticut Hardcore) have this sort of darkness that embodies them in and around their music. It’s evil at its finest with riffs that just get you fucking going. Check their latest record here and get a taste.

Maximum Penalty ( New York Hardcore Legends) are a band that needs very little introduction. Before many of us in the younger generation ever knew or heard about hardcore, Maximum Penalty were tearing apart the LES with some of the most prestigious acts to grace the hardcore scene.

The Banner (New Jersey Hardcore) have been around for a minute spewing a venomous distortion of gloom and discontent to those in ear shot. Personally, this was one of the first local hardcore bands out of Jersey that ever caught my attention. After seeing them several times this year, it is safe to say this was their best show in the last few months. Check out their latest release “Greying” by clicking here.

Suburban Scum(New Jersey Hardcore) represented a true fashion of hardcore mentality that night. With crushing riffs, groovy tempos, and an unmatched attitude only led them to orchestrating a room into controlled chaos. Sub Scum just recently dropped their new record “Ultimate Annihilation” off of Flatspot Records this Summer and features various artists including Justice Trip (TUI/Angel Du$t), Brendan Garrone (Incendiary), and Gregory Falchetto (Mongoloids). Keep an avid eye peeled on them.

At the end of the day there was no drama, not a single altercation, and nothing was broken. Kids went off, bands did what they did best, and at some point or another there was a smile or laugh between everyone there. The goal wasn’t just to have a good time as much as it was to raise awareness and crucial funds for the Montclair Animal Shelter that burned down this year. Hardcore has always been consistent with having a sense of community within its culture. When someone falls down there’s always a friend standing there to help you up on your feet again. We instill this morals and attitude of unity to not only inside those four walls of projected distortion, but to world outside of it.

Well thanks again to Kevin for letting us cover this and for all the support you’ve given this project. Here’s a small interview with Oakley about the show and the future plans that are in store for Mosh for Paws. Until next time guys and gals!

1.) After nearly months of planning, facing set backs, and all of the stress that amounts to booking a festival; how did it go?

For one of the biggest hardcore shows that set foot into Mexicali Live? I thought the show went pretty well. The Mexicali staff were extremely happy, the bands had a blast, and we raised a good chunk of gas for the Montclair Animal Shelter. I was pretty bummed when the rescue canceled on us so last minute, but everything worked out in the end!

2.) What else can we expect from Mosh for Paws in the coming months?

In the next couple months, we’re setting up a “Play Against Animal Cruelty” event at the Brookdale Park in Bloomfield, NJ. It’ll be a free event where you just come with your dog and have them just play with other dogs. We’ll have a rescue or a shelter come do a “Meet and Greet.” Other than that, we’re gonna lay low for a bit. Maybe do some new merch designs and see what the rest of the year takes us!

3.) Clearly there is a lot that goes into running shows and cannot be done without help. Anyone you want to thank or call out for providing when others couldn’t?

To start, I would like Pete August for all the help he has provided for the past few months with the MFP event. Without him, we wouldn’t even have this show on Mexicali. Another person that needs a spotlight is my good friend Jenny Hossian. She works at Right Angle PR in Manhattan and she gave MFP free coverage for the event. Putting MFP in AP Mag, Brooklyn Vegan, and setting up numerous interviews with several local reporters like Montclair Times.

Finally, the Mexicali Staff for being so awesome and open minded when it came to opening their doors to hardcore. All the bands, Suburban Scum, Maximum Penalty, The Banner, Jagged Visions, Steel Nation, Laid 2 Rest, Jukai, & Threat 2 Society for playing the event. Without the support of the local hardcore/punk community, MFP wouldn’t even be a thing.

4.) Insanity ensued throughout the entire night and was filled with some raw young talent while still presenting hard core’s finest. What bands or moments during the night caught your attention the most at the show?

Even though ALL the bands were amazing, I gotta say Steel Nation and Maximum Penalty were my favorites ones of the night.

Laid 2 Rest & Jagged Visions were the heaviest. Jukai and Threat 2 Society brought the heat, The Banner played the tightest set I’ve ever heard them play in a long time. Lastly, with all the bullshit that Suburban Scum have been going through the past year, I was very happy to see them with their heads up high and doing what they do best.

Favorite moments of MFP had to be when you get to hear a Shattered Realm and Time 2 Shine cover in the same night. MFP ’17 will be even better.

Well that’s a wrap for this years Mosh for Paws. Just have to wait and see what the future is in store for us next year. Lastly, a huge thanks goes out to Paul Buczkowski (Photos on top) & Nicole Spangenburg providing us with some outstanding shots from that night here:

Young Graves Interview

Head Walk (Matt): First and foremost, let’s hear the story about how all of this became reality. With most of the members hailing from Pennsylvania it seems evident that more and more talent is just being produced from the Keystone State. Why is it that such high caliber acts are just being poured out from this part of the country? Do you feel that there is a strong correlation or is it only coincidence that the band has had a steady following due directly from the states scene itself?

Chris: Well, the band was started in mid-2013 by Chris (guitar) and two former members. Young Graves was a side project originally that a former member wanted to do in lieu of their pop rock band they had in the works called Summer Scouts and are still a very real thing. Ross and Tom (original two along with Chris) were just in a writing process with that while Young Graves was picking up momentum.

We reached out to Hector (vocalist) by suggestion of friends after we realized that the vocalist we had at the time just wasn’t the style we were looking for. The whole first EP (Temper) was written and recorded before Hector was even in the band. Then in late 2014, two of our original members left. All while leaving Hector and Chris to find new members. After releasing the “more to life” video in mid-2015, Young Graves, began to write for the latest EP (RESET) that was released in June of this year.

The scene over by us (Allentown/Bethlehem) is regaining a lot of momentum again. We’re an hour and a half south of Wilkes-Barre, and an hour north of Philly. A lot more kids have been starting bands lately. Even packing out shows. There was a lull for a while due to kids being ignorant and not appreciating other respective genres of music. Metal core fans and emo kids not attending hardcore shows and vice versa really. But it seems now that people are starting to be less judgmental about their music tastes. Which is the way it should be because who fucking cares?! Yeah, in the last three years alone show attendance has gradually increased. In regards to inception becoming reality for this band, or any band for that matter, is risk. You have to take risks. More importantly?

Don’t be an asshole.

A lot of strong, talented bands come out of the state due to the major areas that have always had reputable shows (Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, NYC, New Jersey, etc.) Kids loved going to shows and seeing their favorite bands from that area mature and move on to successful things, motivating them to start their own projects. It’s been nothing but a thriving scene full of kids who genuinely enjoy what they do. It’s honestly really cool.

We’ve gotten to play Mixtape Fest and a handful of incredible shows with national acts because you have to earn your dues of playing those shows where no one shows up. We’ve played to crowds that were there to see deathcore and have literally booed us off stage. But when promotors/booking agents see consistency, loyalty, and optimism then you'll get those incredible shows. It just takes time. You have to be patient, and not walk around with a distorted sense of entitlement.

HW: Pennsylvania has been known for its contribution to the heavier side of music. Wilkes Barre, Philly, and Allentown specifically noted as it brought up some worldly acts and arguably the best festival (TIHC) to house it. Since the band has matured over the years (especially through various member’s changes), why continue to be Young Graves versus being something entirely new? In New Jersey one of the key problems with being able to host shows entirely was generally related to violence. I mean growing up seeing bands from Jersey such as Shattered Realm or Years Spent Cold? Fights were only a matter of fucking time and even appreciated in a sense as culture. Liability alone from the inherently violent nature of this style of music would deter any venue. Would you say it was the alterations that ensued at these shows or just general disinterest from the scenes community that delivered period of low attendance?

C: I would personally only change the name of the band if the genre/style drastically changed. We started out as more of a metal core band, now we’re more-so melodic/post hardcore. Definitely not that earth shattering of a change to stop being Young Graves. Our areas scene dying down for a bit was simply attendance. No venues shut down due to violence or destruction. Just lack of attendance. Kids hyped up event pages and just wouldn’t come out even to weekend shows. It’s gotten phenomenally better, and shows in the Allentown/Philly area are packed more than ever.

HW: Would like to take a minute and discuss the risks of being in a band if that’s cool. Was there any point (or points for that matter) when the band just thought it was time to put the endeavors of the band on hold or even completely disband? Headaches ensue from just being within the band. Everything afterwards could be a nightmare or a dream everyone longs to have. What keeps you guys going when the world comes down on you all?

C: In terms of almost calling it quits? There have been a few times where we thought YG was going to die out due to inactivity or constant member changes, but hector and I loved what we do and really enjoy what we've done with YG.

We never saw quitting an actual option.

It took time, but we’ve found dedicated and talented members (Quinten on drums with James on bass) who were committed to the idea of just writing what the band as a whole wants to hear while just going with the flow. I’ve never had more fun playing in this band than I do now!

HW: Entitlement is a huge issue. Hardcore alone has questioned authority while having a stable ground for those to prove their worth. What are some of things you think kids these days just getting into this music should understand or if this helps better: what do you wish you could tell your younger self you should’ve known when you came into this style of life?

C: There’s going to be times when you have writers block. When you have to cancel a show. When your friends fall through. When you don’t have money…

…but if you love what you’re doing and it makes you happy? You’ll find a way. Keep your chin up. You’re not going anywhere if you’re looking down at the ground.

HW: Let’s talk a bit about the music video that we have as our featured video. What was the inspiration and direction behind that and besides how great the song sounds why choose that one? On the end note what bands, venues, and shout outs would you like to give and is there anything you want to talk about?

C: “Overwhelm” is a song about wishing you could’ve prepared your future self for lessons you face in life. I feel like that’s something we all wish we could have done in a million different scenarios. We all really enjoy that song the most on the EP, and it was pretty unanimous to go with it for a video.

HW: Before we let you go how about we discuss the new record you guys will be producing next spring. Musically speaking, where are you guys aiming in terms of musical and lyrical direction? Has the band decided on who’d you all want to record the next record or is this still all up in the air at this point? Just to add, what gear should be noted that gives you guys that Young Graves sound?

C: Definitely more emphasis on the post hardcore vibe (bands such as Underoath, From First to Last, etc.) while still maintaining our melodic hardcore roots.

Lyrically, we’ve covered a lot of feelings and sensations of dealing with inner confusion and finding solace within yourself. While that’s a pretty repetitive instance people find themselves in, we’ll most likely continue to develop speaking about things that have helped us overcome and adapt a lot to those feelings. We have a few friends & studios in mind that have reached out to us, but no definitive answer at this time in terms of where it’ll be recorded at.

As far as gear, I (Chris) use orange amps and Gibson guitars. The majority of the RESET EP was actually recorded using a single coil fender tele that I thought gave it a great, rich sound but I feel that my Gibson gives our live sound so much more of an atmospheric assault. James (bass) uses an orange terror head, Ampeg 6×10 cab, and fender jazz basses. Really crushing low end.

HW: On the end note what bands, venues, and whoever else would you like to give a shout out?

C: Bands we’d like to thank: Capsize, Gatherers, Heroes, Past Hope, Foreign Hands, Varials, Kaonashi, Misgiver, Bungler, Shots Fired.

Venues: Voltage Lounge (PA), Webster Underground (CT), and Heirloom Theater R.I.P. (CT).

Huge shout outs to literally all of our friends who come to our shows and retweet our videos/posts. We have so much fun playing music for people that need an outlet from the daily grind. We are forever grateful.

We’d like to personally thank Ross Huber, Tom Geschardt, Calin Yenser, Steve Pedini, and Viktor Pacheco for being a part of our journey and helping shape Young Graves in your own unique ways. Thank you so much.

Well there is much to wait for from these gents so definitely be on hot stand by for it. Young Graves will be hitting the road rather soon with support from Artisan. Going to be an eastern seaboard tour so check the tour flier below for more on details. Until next time.

Facebook  |  Twitter

Young Graves is:
Hector Sabino (vocals)
Chris DiBella (guitar/vocals)
James Reilly (bass/vocals)
Quinten Fernandez (drums)

Montclair Animal Shelter Benefit Show 7/30

One of the most crucial yet under looked elements of a prospering community is based heavily on its capability to react under trying circumstances. Circumstances that test the will of humanity and know no measure of suffering. Regardless of how hard life hits us it is important to understand that no matter how difficult the situation has become you must work towards finding a solution. The community is there to rally behind one of its own in order to accomplish the uncertain. However, as much as we like to hide our fears with loosely laced veils we cannot control everything that happens within our lives. Especially the bad ones.

Life is an unmeasured force that we can only do at best is to present it as controlled chaos. One of the most recent events within our one of our own communities in New Jersey happened just a few months ago over in the town of Montclair with the burning of its animal shelter. If you are familiar with the North Jersey music scene, then you will understand just why those who frequent “New Jersey’s premier music venue”, the Meatlocker, played such a pivotal role with helping.

If there is any value that has been instilled with the hardcore community, is the ability to care for those who need it most while providing an embracing sense of unity. We have our family’s back no matter what. Times get tough and we just get tougher. Hell, blood doesn’t even mean we have to share it. It just means we will always a phone call away to help. This value alone determines whether or not a community can survive when hell rings its bells. So what could a bunch of “degenerates” do in order to help out?

The idea was simple.

Get the bands, grab champagne, and kick out the jams. Suburban Scum specifically released their new record “Ultimate Annihilation” for this date along with support from veteran New Jersey hardcore outfit, the Banner. Not the mention the onslaught of new talent that only Threat 2 Society, Buried Dreams, or Dutchguts could deliver. Overall, the show was a steady climb of good times and community awareness. Money was donated to animal shelter to help with repairs, bills, and every god forsaken debt to society that a fire gives you. In sum, I believe the show helped rake in a bit over $1,200 dollars for the benefit.

Well, least to say from the pictures you’re about to see? It was a damn good time. Until the next one…


Don’t forget about copping tickets for Mosh for Paws over at Mexicali Live & Back to School Jam 16’ at Gamechanger. These festivals have some serious acts playing so don’t sleep on it.

Remember, this website is a collective division for anyone who wants to contribute. Feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to contribute art, literature, photography, or anything that represents a true depiction of how you see the world around you.

The Banner

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Buried Dreams


Threat 2 Society

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Suburban Scum

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Photos by Paul Buczkowski

Strange Days 16′

To those who have never been nor never heard? Well, the festivals name alone should explain most of the loose ends and oddness that happens at Strange Days. Debauchery at its finest yet sincere level. A gathering of the wild, weird, and free come together for the appreciated love of motorcycles, cars, and rock n’ roll. With bands such as Supersnake and Dutchguts gracing the stage this year? It was a full effect of a righteous time. Hell, there was even a wedding that took place.

With all this being said, give a look at a gallery of this year’s Strange Days that was shot by Nicole Spangenburg. Check it out and spread the love. Until next time…

On Sight Drop Demo 16’

Comprised of several veteran North Jersey based bands throughout the metal and hardcore community. Every failed attempt, lost opportunity, and mistake has placed this young group of talented musicians (God forbid the hardcore scene fucking has one these days) in a pivotal point in their lives. Right now these guys have a chance to do something big for the genre, their scene, and for themselves. Let us be the first to introduce you to the fine gentlemen of On Sight. They are fucking hungry. Hungry for that stage, for the chaos, and the lifestyle few even actually give a damn about.

As of now On Sight have released a rough two-track demo over at their Bandcamp. This includes a naturally fitting opener “Insane” as well as their crowd screamer of an anthem called “Good Die Young”.

These guys are raw. All while being matched with an unprecedented style that only mirrors a true embodiment of what East Coast hardcore has been known for. Especially that hard hitting North Jersey style that just makes it all up. Expect On Sight to be making wave throughout the scene rather shortly.

Until then? Bump it.

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Photos by Eddie Trefurt